And so it begins…

Beginning PhD studies in Oxford U.K. this month. I am both anxious to do the research and a bit intimidated by the task. I am researching how the church can work to shape the culture in an urban neighborhood in which it exists, and how can it do so for the common good of the community using both digital media and traditional forms to gather people in the hope of transformation?

My first mission is to get a good coffee mug! Anyone have a recommendation for coffee in Oxford?

I will be updating my blog during my time in Oxford. Please drop in and say hi!



Author: Bill Berger

Hi, my name is Bill Berger, Founder and Lead Pastor at All Saints Church. I enjoy conversations with all who believe, doubt, and seek as it relates to God, Jesus, and religion. I am currently in a Ph.D program that is looking towards a Nomadic Theology tracing lines of flight for Pentecostal/Evangelical Church in Seattle. I am married to Sue, we live and work in Seattle serving the church we love, All Saints Church. We are always happy and grateful when we are spending time with our 4 children and their families, especially our 3 grandchildren! We are die hard Denver Broncos fans! It is always orange and blue in our house.

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  1. Hi Bill! So psyched for your time in Oxford, and I can’t wait to hear about it all when you’re back stateside. Love and hugs…

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