A study break in the Cotswolds

It has been a long week, so much to take in but good progress on my research question. So today, I was invited out to the Cotswolds with some friends. The Cotswolds are what inspired Tolkein to call the Hobbits home, The Shire. It is lovely. Here are a few pictures:

The above is St. Mary’s Church

So many views like this, a passageway off the main street into a little neighborhood. 

So, now it’s back to the books tomorrow. The process of landing on a research question is becoming more clear everyday. It is a such a daunting process, but the reward will be worth it….in 5 or 6 years. I am grateful and humbled that I get to do this.

I look forward to getting home. I get to preach at All Saints on November 5…’remember, remember the fifth of November’…wait, wrong context. I’ll be back later this week.

Author: Bill Berger

Hi, my name is Bill Berger, Founder and Teaching Pastor at All Saints Church. I enjoy conversations with all who believe, doubt, and seek as it relates to God, Jesus, and religion. I am currently in a Ph.D program that is looking towards a Nomadic Theology tracing lines of flight for Pentecostal/Evangelical Church in Seattle. I am married to Sue, we live and work in Seattle serving the church we love, All Saints Church. We are always happy and grateful when we are spending time with our 4 children and their families, especially our 2 grandchildren! We are die hard Denver Broncos fans! It is always orange and blue in our house. We follow Oregon State Beaver Basketball, and hope that the Seattle Mariners make it to the World Series in our lifetime.

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