Hope Heals

Veterans Day is Monday, November 11. I have two veterans in my family who I admire and love very much. They have seen the horror and atrocity of war, and have the scars, both physical and emotional, to prove.

In our city, there is usually less pageantry and acknowledgement for November 11. Regardless of your opinion or feeling, the fact is we have neighbors, friends, and family that have served. That is enough for any of us to honor them, thank them, and support them.

I can’t possibly understand what being in a theatre of war would feel like, let alone try to come home and live a normal life. I came across an article from a Veteran that moved me. I wanted to share it with the people who read this blog (when there is actually something new to read).

I am sure this will give you good cause to thank the Veterans in your life. You can read it here: Hope in the Void.