Red Pill or Blue Pill?

I know, I know, you’ve seen the movie and this is nothing new. Well, I am gaining a whole new appreciation for the metaphor. In this endeavor to study for, and get a PhD, the temptation to take the blue pill is real. (I’m only a week in!). Take the blue pill, go home, and everything stays the same. However, the red pill is all about how deep the rabbit hole goes. I must say the desire to search, uncover, pry open, and discover is much more appealing. The rabbit hole is deep, and I want to know how deep it goes.

The research on technology and faith is uncovering some very interesting research. For instance, church leaders using the internet to keep connections, and keep up with relationships has become common place (from 78% in 2000, to 98% in 2014. Barna Research). The exciting part of technology is the ability to create religious experience and connect people to Christ. This ‘new media’ is being used more and more. I look forward to exploring what that could mean for a church like ours in a city like Seattle.

I’m off to get a glass of water, I need to take a pill….