Do technology and religion belong together?

As I begin the arduous journey of writing a theses, I am pulled in so many different directions. At the time of this writing, I am interested in technology and the kind of community that can come from it. In other words, can technology  provide the interaction, intimacy, and ultimately discipleship relationships that are necessary in Christian community? The American church has suffered greatly with a lack of discipleship and deep community; the end result of this project has to be way toward depth and intimacy.
As cities increase in density, and housing prices soar, the church must have a solution for those who are unable to “keep up with the joneses.” The fact is, churches are needed in cities and neighborhoods, an issue for these churches is sustainability financially, culturally, and theologically. This has become an issue for most churches that reside in cities like Seattle, NYC, Chicago, and LA, to name a few. Another issue facing churches is the transient nature of most urban people. In a city like Seattle, where many people come to pad their resume, the likelihood of a long term stay or the feeling of calling Seattle ‘home’ is generally unlikely. A few reasons for this is the lack of affordability and the American dream of owning a home with a yard and white picket fence. In a city like seattle, single family homes are becoming a snapshot of another time and era. The next step for a young family is to move outside of the city and raise their family. This, then, makes churches in urban centers usually smaller and unable to afford the soaring costs associated with city life.
Can technology be an answer? Can the use of social media foster the community and sustainability that is needed for urban churches to remain present in the neighborhood it is serving? Is technology able to create biblical fellowship that produces and fosters the same intimacies that happen in person to person encounters?

Author: Bill Berger

Hi, my name is Bill Berger, Founder and Lead Pastor at All Saints Church. I enjoy conversations with all who believe, doubt, and seek as it relates to God, Jesus, and religion. I am currently in a Ph.D program that is looking towards a Nomadic Theology tracing lines of flight for Pentecostal/Evangelical Church in Seattle. I am married to Sue, we live and work in Seattle serving the church we love, All Saints Church. We are always happy and grateful when we are spending time with our 4 children and their families, especially our 3 grandchildren! We are die hard Denver Broncos fans! It is always orange and blue in our house.

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