The Blessing of Doubt

All Saints Church will continue our Holy Week contemplation with an interactive prayer time this Good Friday, March 30th, from 6-8pm. You are invited to come and meditate on the last hours of Jesus’ life. There are stations around the auditorium that focus on an aspect of the suffering and death of Jesus, the prayer walk ends with the Holy Supper. You are welcome to stay for the entire time or enough time to walk through the stations.

On Easter Sunday, April 1st,  we will celebrate the Resurrection of Christ at our 10 am gathering. We will look at John 20:24-31, and learn from Doubting Thomas. This text is about as April Fool’s as you can get. Thomas is a disciple, and he is known as doubting Thomas. Historically, Thomas has been vilified by Christians because of his doubts expressed in these verses. Many scholars differ with this assumption and instead present Thomas ‘a realist, a person who evaluated the situation on the basis of what he could perceive. Thomas is not merely a pathetic doubter. He is a paradigm of many believing people who are capable of great possibilities as well as hesitations in faith.’

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