Wise Up! study in Proverbs

Proverbs 10 is telling us the wise person knows the difference between the wise and the foolish, the righteous and the wicked, the diligent and the idle.

Also, we learn of love and hatred, of good and evil speech, and the slanderer and and those who are peace makers.

Finally, It is impossible to summarize a chapter in Proverbs. each verse contains a different subject. We are invited to apply these wise sayings into everyday life so we may help others flourish, as well as ourselves.

1.How does the speech of wise people differ from that of foolish people according to 10:13,14?

2.How is the wealth of a rich person viewed in contrast to the poverty of a poor person – 10:15? But what is more important than wealth or poverty – verse 16?

3.Explain why there is danger in being a person who speaks a lot – 10:19. Is the solution to simply remain quiet – 10:20,21? Explain.

Author: Bill Berger

Hi, my name is Bill Berger, Founder and Lead Pastor at All Saints Church. I enjoy conversations with all who believe, doubt, and seek as it relates to God, Jesus, and religion. I am currently in a Ph.D program that is looking towards a Nomadic Theology tracing lines of flight for Pentecostal/Evangelical Church in Seattle. I am married to Sue, we live and work in Seattle serving the church we love, All Saints Church. We are always happy and grateful when we are spending time with our 4 children and their families, especially our 3 grandchildren! We are die hard Denver Broncos fans! It is always orange and blue in our house.

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